Were Oxford and Cambridge originally public schools or private schools?


kamikaze asked:

When being established, were Oxford and Cambridge University state-chartered/state-funding schools(what we call “public schools” in America)? Or were they independent schools(private schools) in the first place?

When did Oxford and Cambridge become state-funding(public) schools respectively?
*state-funded* I mean.

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Try these sites. May give you the answer your looking for.

As far as I know, I think they may have always been ‘Public’ schools, as they were funded by the state.

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I’m not sure of the actual answer, but just to let you know (if you do already I’m sorry), public schooling is the best of the best in the UK it includes really old boarding schools like Eton or Harrow. Next comes private schooling, then state schooling, which is what Americans call public schooling.

It creates a lot of confusion, especially, as I’ve found a lot of British people don’t even know this


Paying definitely?


In the past, when the government had no involvement in higher education, Oxford and Cambridge were privately funded by their Alumni and their dons.

Nowadays, the government sets the price for tuition fees to universities (called top up fees) and universities cannot ask their students to pay any extra (although places like Oxbridge will add on extras, like the cost of your gown and mortar boards which are necessary to sit exams etc).

University lecturers are paid through taxes, although many will receive funding in other ways too. Oxbridge is no different in this respect than any other university.

We don’t call universities ’schools’, and this will be where google will not help you. And our difference between a public school and a private school is a very rough one- they are essentially the same idea. A school funded solely by the state is known as a state school, where the pupils do not pay fees. This applies to 3-18 year old pupils.

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